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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fringe Office: your comments

Author Mark Fisher in front of the Fringe shop

The festival nerve centre

IN THIS chapter of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide we look at how the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society came into being and how it functions today. We consider the paradox of an open-access festival that has an administration to look after it, and look at how the organisation copes with offering a service to Fringe participants without restricting what they do.

After giving a broad outline of the Fringe Office's services, the chapter introduces us to the key members of staff, including Kath Mainland, chief executive, Neil Mackinnon, head of external affairs, Miriam Attwood, former media manager, Christabel Anderson, head of participant services, Barry Church-Woods, venues and companies manager, Louise Oliver, participant development co-ordinator, and José Ferran, box office manager.

The chapter finishes with a consideration of what it might mean to go it alone and perform in Edinburgh without the assistance of the Fringe Society.

If you have comments about this chapter of The Edinburgh Fringe Survival Guide, please add them below.

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